Top 10 things to do in Geneva

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About 3h10 from Paris by train, on the Swiss side of Lake Léman you'll find Geneva. This city has many spots and activities to discover. Geneva is a city on a human scale, which makes it easy to get around on foot. So, with a plan, go on an adventure! What are the things to discover in Geneva? Good news: we give you our tips for exploring the second most populous city in Switzerland.

Take a selfie in front of the giant water jet

It is one of the main attractions of the city and seeing it shoot out at 200 km / h to reach 140 meters high, you can see why! The water jet on Lake Léman was initially used to ensure a sufficient flow of water to the city's craftsmen and industrialists by means of a hydraulic plant. You can now see it ideally from the Eaux Vives jetty. Well worth a little photo!

Get lost in the alleys of the old town

Take a stroll through this maze of interwoven cobbled streets that contain the treasures and charms of the old town. Unveiling the old face of Geneva, it is home to countless museums, galleries and fascinating historical sites to discover. You can visit the iconic Town Hall (seat of Geneva's political authorities), dive into the city's past by exploring Geneva's oldest house, the 12th-century Maison Tavel, or admire the cathedral's remarkable stained-glass windows. Saint Pierre. It will surprise you with its large stone portico, quite unique for this type of building. Finally, admire the Gothic style of Calvin College, the oldest in the city: it dates from the 16th century!

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