Redmi K30 Pro VS. Redmi K20 Pro VS. Xiaomi 10

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On March 24, Redmi K30 Pro was released. Although the lack of a high refresh rate screen, but the selling price of 2999 RMB does make a lot of people moved. What upgrades does Redmi K30 Pro do compare with Redmi K20 Pro? and how to choose when compare with Xiaomi 10? Let us take a look:

May 2019: Redmi K20 Pro-2399 / 855 / 4800W wide-angle 3-shot

March 2020: Redmi K30 Pro-2999 / 865 / 6400W wide-angle 4-shot

On the K series Pro models, there are several excellent features:

Top performance: Snapdragon 855 (Redmi K20 Pro) upgraded to 865 (Redmi K30 Pro)

Real full screen

Good photos: upgrade from 48MP + 13MP + 8MP to 64 + 13 + 8 + 2 MP

Large battery: upgrade from 4000 mAh to 4700 mAh

Double-sided GG5 shatter-resistant glass

Support headphone jack + NFC

AMOLED + off-screen fingerprint

Redmi K30 Pro also made some special upgrade:

Configure 5G

Telephoto macro

360 ° light sensor, optimized auto brightness

Support infrared

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